Stickman Battle of Warriors (by Creative Games Studios)

Download Stickman Battle of Warriors (by Creative Games Studios) for Android…

Are you a fan of army tactical battles and classic war style action rampage? Download now our very own and super fun battle game the Stickman Battle of Warriors. Play as an army commander, assemble your best army, assign positions to your archers, soldiers and control giant warriors and built the best army to conquer the world.
Stickman army is controlled by your and you are the controller of all stickman in stickman army. They move, jump, fight at your command. You are being challenged in a very open world where any army can pick up a rebellion against you. Survive in a stickman war fight the stickman battle of your life. Play the best of stickman warrior army in the world of epic battle games. Fight for glory and survive to fight another day. There are multiple armies and many more stickman army warriors ready to fight you. They will attack you anytime and you can attack them anytime you want. Assemble your soldiers and build up your stickman army, assign position to soldiers in the front row, archers in the below row and giants in the back. Or assign them whatever positions you want. Attack on the other army and fight the battle with amazing battle tactics and very favorable and responsive war battle controls.
Control all stickman at all time, control the outcome and fight the battle of the century. It’s time for stickman war and battle of the year in Stickman Battle of Warriors.
Poor tactics and unreliable warrior positions will ultimately get your army killed. You have to be smart and beat the rival stickman army with against their own strategy. Be smart in the choice of your army and after you win the battle collect your gold to buy more soldiers for more wars to come.
Stickman Battle of Warriors is the ultimate and very furious battle strategy game. You have to be careful with your war strategy and army design. Remember that you control all multiple different soldiers with different battle combats and fighting instincts. Take your army to war and take over the stickman world. Live to fight and fight to live.
Enjoy war, battle and amazing clash of stickman warriors in and only in Stickman Battle of Warriors. Download now!