Stickman Army : The Defenders Part 1 (by PLAYTOUCH)

Download Stickman Army : The Defenders Part 1 (by PLAYTOUCH) for Android…

The most dramatic stickman war game is now available.

Now Play: “Stickman Army: The Defenders”.
You have to defend the country from revolutionaries and renegades.

The stickman renegade crowd began to invade the institutions and kill people. The last hope of the country is the best stratege army … you !!! You are the commander of a mighty army that can stop the revolutionaries. You can end this civil war … But this will be an epic battle.
You have to protect the institutions … what’s going on!

Lead your units to the final victory. You have loads of different soldiers available in the army: arrow man sticko bazooka bastard Shielder, pyroman, green rocketter, red rocketter, cyborg magnetic, ciborg magnetic 2, assassin stick, random grenadierów, frozen shooter, gunner, aqua soldier, jetpack, mine bank Exterminator, rocket, killer ninja, smelly bomb, parachutist, thoudh Shielder Molotov thrower le terrier, veteran submarine karate kid Rambo, Mr. Bomber TNT addicted, Coast Guard …

Each unit has different characteristics and you must play wisely to defeat your opponents. Make sure the enemies do not pass their defense, or it will be the end of democracy in your country …

• epic battles with a random lottery
• Build your defense in an unrivaled fortress
• Gather energy to build units
• Game hours with more than 50 levels
• 3 different maps
• 40 units to unlock
• Compare your score with friends and compete with them
• Leaders