Stickman and Shotgun (by Ishytar)

Download Stickman and Shotgun (by Ishytar) for Android…

Stickman and Shotgun is a 2D gun shooting game with stickman characters and bloody graphics.
Use the buttons to walk and shoot the zombies that come from both sides.
The undead dies with 3 shots of the handgun or one headshot with the shotgun.
You will earn money for each zombie killed.
In the shop you can buy more ammo for your guns and first aid kits to recover your health.

In this first version the game has only one mode: survival. The match lasts until you die or run out of ammo.
We will update the game soon and add new game modes, weapon and items!
Please rate us and send your suggestions to support our work!
Good luck on exploding heads! =]