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Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions Game (Android & iOS) Free

The resistance needs new men to fight the rising Empire and put a stop to anyone using the dark side of the force. Travel through the galaxy and fight the Empire here in Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions. Control your character and follow the story of a boy named Ezra. Use your weapon to fight waves of Stormtroopers and other enemies. As you proceed to the hearts of the enemy’s base, you will encounter bosses. Be sure you know how to handle a Lightsaber well to defeat them. The game also features a unique system where you can build your rebel base.

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Star Wars Rebels: Missions is an exciting and fun filled action adventure game where you will join the rebellion and battle the empire, it is based on the tv show Star Wars Rebels, there are 3 playable characters within the game, they are the padawan Ezra, Kanan, the jedi in hiding, and Sabine, the demolitions expert, the game is divided into packs, Ezra is free to play while Kanan can be played by buying the Jedi pack and Sabine can be played by buying the Mandalorian pack, the story goes that the jedi knights have been murdered and it is now up to you to go up against the empire and restore the balance of power in the galaxy, it is a noble task but not really an easy thing to do as the empire is really powerful and they will stop at nothing until they fulfill their goals of galactic domination, the game will have you helping citizens that are in trouble, battling drones and facing off against the storm troopers, that’s besides exploring different areas filled with deadly hazards and traps and scouring for loot and other resources, indeed, you will have your hands full, so come and play the game, join this galactic adventure and see if you have what it takes to take on the empire here in Star Wars Rebels: Missions.

Graphics and Sound

Star Wars Rebels: Missions has very pretty graphics, the designs are really awesome, and although you won’t see the more popular and familiar faces in the Star Wars universe, the characters that are introduced in the game are very much like Star Wars, the character designs by the way have very nice details, and so are the environments, you’ll see a lot of familiar structures, locations and many more that are reminiscent of the Star Wars that you have grown to love, the colors in the game, everything is looking vivid and sharp, you’ll see a variety of colors throughout, the animations are also very smooth, the moving parts of the game have very nice and very smooth movement that make it really cool and exciting to play, the music and sounds are also great, the in game music is very Star Wars like and really cool to the ears while the sound effects definitely ave variety, it is quite explosive too making the battles and fight scenes really exciting and intense, special effects are superb, not surprising really as it is a Star Wars game, overall, the game is quite stunning, both in designs and presentations.


Star Wars Rebels: Missions is quite action packed, you will be fighting a lot here, but besides the battles, you also need to explore for resources, there are two kinds of weapons that you can use in the game, they are the blasters that shoots laser and the lightsabers that serves as you melee weapon, controls are fairly easy to use and quite responsive, there are virtual arrows on the left to control the movement, and the action buttons such as the jump and shoot buttons are on the right, very simple indeed for everyone to enjoy.


Star Wars Rebels: Missions features beautiful graphic designs and presentations, there are a variety of characters for you to choose from, a variety of weapons and vehicles that you can use, there are lots of enemies to fight and locations to explore, and the game also features simple controls for everyone to use.


Star Wars Rebels: Missions is quite fun and really challenging, but it could have been more fun if it’s totally free, but if you have the cash, buy it, it’s worth it.


Download Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions Game (Android & iOS)

Free Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions Game (Android & iOS)