Star War Empire [Android/iOS]

Star War Empire [Android/iOS]

Star War Empire is the first galaxy themed real-time strategy
mobile game with intense interactions. There are 6 galaxies, hundreds of planets and millions of cosmic spaces with different outputs in the game. The big Galactic Map, free-formed sandbox combat, intense strategy between alliance members and the real-time swarm gameplay are the main features of the game. Every space is able to be plundered, players can build their own force from the beginning based on the military strategy in the real world. Summon your allies and build your own Galaxy Empire.

1 The Grand Galaxy World
– Huge Galactic Map
– Explore the mysterious Galaxy
– Occupy linked territories, combat at allies’ territories
2 Real-time sandbox combat on the hair trigger
– Great freedom of combat
– Fight at any time and any place
– Abstractions based on military strategies in reality
– Develop and expand your Galaxy Empire
3 Strengthen power and prepare for combat
– Build bases and upgrade technologies
– Build bases from the beginning
– Upgrade buildings and unlock more gameplay
– Research technologies and improve the Fleet power
4 Extreme strategies create the strongest Fleets
– Set up troops, compose fleets with generals and skills
– Make formations and transform the warships
– Combine freely and make the most powerful fleet
– Multiple reinforced skills, defeat opponents easily
5 Close interacted disputes between allies
– Plunder territories from your allies
– Ally and fight with real players to be the Emperor of the Galaxy
– Communicate with the real-world players
– Participate the epic combats

Genre(s) : Strategy
Require internet connection : Yes
Size : 122 MB
Date Released : 2018-01-16
Platforms, iOS and Android
Developed By : KV Game
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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