Star Knight – Snow Desert Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

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Star Knight – Snow Desert Walkthrough (Android & iOS) Free

The Snow desert is the fourth area that you need to conquer in your quest to defeat Nidhogg the Dark Dragon and restore the sun to its rightful place before its too late, the challenges will be more difficult as the obstacles will be harder to overcome and the enemies harder to fight, the video will show you the right way to survive all 12 stages of this area.

Stage 1

By this time, new and cooler abilities should have been learned, that is if you were collecting enough runes, the early part of the stage requires you to wall climb all the way to the top but once you reach the top, you’ll be met with the more powerful enemies so get ready to rumble.

Stage 2

There will be cannons everywhere and they will start firing as soon as you are within range, also the switches seem to be positioned in hard to reach places so get ready for some jumping action fun.

Stage 3

A new enemy appears here, it is a block like creature that moves left and right, it also fires energy balls, also a lot of enemies will appear later on so get ready to fight, and then get to the exit as quickly as possible.

Stage 4

You’ll encounter piranhas that bob up and down early on, there will also be a lot of rotating fans and even spiked floors and walls, be careful where you jump on this stage. Precise jumping skills are required to survive this stage.

Stage 5

A new enemy appears in this stage, it is a jumping monster with eyes protruding above its head, also falling platforms seem to be a lot here and so are those crumbling ones and cannons, also be on the lookout for those flying enemies, the bigger ones are quite tough, get to the exit as quickly as possible.

Stage 6

You’ll be met with spikes and those spinning wheels early on, there are also some wall to climb here and a lot of those monsters armed with huge hammer, they are really tough to fight and requires multiple strikes to defeat.

Stage 7

There’s a lot of moving to and fro in this stage, pressing switches and opening doors and a lot of monsters to fight in between. Even those cannons seem to be a lot.

Stage 8

This stage is quite challenging, there are a lot of spinning wheels on the platforms, at the exit will be a new enemy, it is a flying wizard that attacks with its staff, be careful.

Stage 9

This area features a lot of obstacles, like spinning wheels, spiked floors and even cannons that are strategically lined up to limit your movements, this stage is a test of reflexes.

Stage 10

And yet another enemy appears, it is a ghost that will follow you, they are being conjured up by a tower scattered all over the place and there sure are a lot of enemies here, get ready to hack and slash.

Stage 11

This is a very challenging stage indeed, there are a lot of spikes everywhere and a lot of enemies too, those evil ghosts are everywhere.

Stage 12

This is the final level so get ready for some action, those spinning axes and spikes are all over the place, the tougher enemies also abound in this stage, near the end will be the area boss, Spike The Scorpion Of Death, it is a giant scorpion that fires evil ghosts from its tail, make sure to take it down quickly before it releases more evil ghosts.


Download Star Knight – Snow Desert Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

Free Star Knight – Snow Desert Walkthrough (Android & iOS)