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Star Knight – Lost Castle Walkthrough Free

This is the third area in your little adventure with the star knight and you are getting closer to Nidhogg, don’t be too confident though as it will certainly get tougher, this walkthrough video will show you how to battle the evil creatures and overcome the traps and obstacles the enemy has laid down for you. Check it out.

Stage 1

You’ll need to jump upwards a lot, be careful of those rolling balls that come from above, also there are a lot of knights along the way and a lot of harmful obstacles such as spinning axes and fans and even crumbling blocks and platforms.

Stage 2

Again this stage if full of obstacles like those crushing platforms and rolling balls that will be dropped down on you as you scale the walls, there will also be a lot of enemies latter on, it will be up to you if you engage them or not.

Stage 3

A new enemy appears in this stage, it is a wizard with a magic staff and will fire energy balls at you, get closer quickly and eliminate it as soon as you can before he fires his weapon. The exit is also packed with bad guys so get ready for a challenging battle.

Stage 4

There are a lot of flying creatures in this stage, they may be easy to eliminate but they are quite hard to target, new bad guys also appears, they are knights armed with a trident and monsters that roll towards you when it attacks, that’s besides those hungry piranhas that jump up and down as you jump across the platforms.

Stage 5

This is another stage that requires a lot of jumping upwards, there are a lot of crumbling platforms and moving platforms in here, there are very few enemies though, but these few ones are quite tough.

Stage 6

There are some cannons and those staffed wizards at the start, and then those huge bears appear, there are a lot of obstacles too, like those spinning wheels and balancing platforms, you’ll need to do some accurate jumps to clear this stage.

Stage 7

This stage is going to be tough as there are a lot of enemies here and there are a lot of them in a single area, there are also some spinning wheels that are neatly lined up, be careful when you’re passing through them.

Stage 8

This particular area requires sprinting, there are a lot of moving platforms that are lined up, if you’re too slow, they will take you up and crush you at the ceiling, or drop you down on the spiked floors.

Stage 9

This stage is quite longer than the others as there is more than 1 checkpoint, also, there are a lot of baddies in this level and obstacles too, if you’re not careful, Naro will die for sure.

Stage 10

This part of the Lost Castle features a lot of baddies for you to battle, there are also quite a lot of spiked floors, it’s going to be tough indeed, especially when the bigger monsters are lined up closely with each other.

Stage 11

It is filled with spiked floors and moving platforms that you need to ride, there are also a lot of cannons and enemies along the way, it’s going to be quite difficult reaching the end of the level. Also a more powerful wizard appears it is red and black and quite tougher than the other one.

Stage 12

This is the final stage of the Dark Forest, there is a new enemy here, it is a monster that divides itself into smaller monsters when struck, and a monster that is armed with a giant hammer, eliminate them quickly to avoid getting attacked. There also seem to be more guards in this area so be careful. At the end of the stage is Hama The Black Knight, his is armed with a lance and mounted on a horse, use your new skills and special attacks to defeat him permanently.