Star Knight – Green Hill Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

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Star Knight – Green Hill Walkthrough (Android & iOS) Free

The planet of Gaon is in chaos, the dark dragon Nidhogg has taken away the sun, it is now up to Naro to recover the sun and put it where it belongs.

Green Hill

This is the first area where you need to explore and engage the enemies, this walkthrough video will show you how to get past all the stages and how to overcome the obstacles and fight the evil creatures.

Stage 1

This is the very first stage you need to explore, it is fairly easy, you’ll encounter some easy to defeat critters, and overcome easy obstacles such as gaps and walls, it will show you the basics in movements such as jumping and attacking the enemies.

Stage 2

This stage is very much like the first one, the only difference is that there are more platforms here that you need to jump onto, the critters too are quite easy to defeat by they will still hurt Naro if you get to close to them.

Stage 3

It will start to become more challenging here, there will be some crumbling blocks and high walls you need to wall jump, you’ll also be introduced to hidden areas, check them out and get cool rewards that you can use in your adventure.

Stage 4

This stage will feature a new obstacle, it is a machine that crushes you once you pass by, you’ll also do some wall climbing here and a secret area can be discovered you’ll get gems when you find this one, you’ll still face off with those small critters but there seems to be more of them here.

Stage 5

Again you’ll have to wall climb in this stage, wall slide too, there are also destructible floors you need to break in order to advance, just jump and strike the floor with your sword to destroy it for good.

Stage 6

There are now bounce pads in this stage, these pads give you a higher jump so you can reach the higher areas, also the critters have grow bigger, it will take 2 strikes to defeat them for good so be careful when you confront them. if you don’t see any bounce pads, try using those blocks scattered all over the place.

Stage 7

There’s a lot of jumping here, you need to jump your way to the top, a trap will be activated when you get the rune, it is a line of spinning sawblades that move upwards, get to the exit before those sawblades get to your character.

Stage 8

This particular stage will introduce you to switches that you need to step onto to open doors, also a new enemy appears, it is a knight with a sword, be careful with this one as it is more powerful than the critters and has the ability to go offensive and hurt Naro.

Stage 9

There are a lot of enemies here and more traps too, like moving spikes and swinging axes, crumbling platforms and even hanging platforms that tips when you when you jump onto it, a new enemy also appears, it is a knight armed with a spear, it has a longer reach so keep your distance.

Stage 10

This stage involve a bit of exploration, it is quite long and you need to go back and forth to activate switches and open doors, there are also a lot of hanging platforms here, you’ll need to move quickly to be able to get past them.

Stage 11

This is the stage where it gets really tough, there are a lot of obstacles and enemies here, if you’re not careful, yourt character will die for sure.

Stage 12

This is very difficult, the whole ceiling will drop down on you, there are a lot of enemies here and a new one appears, it is a critter with blue eyes, it lunges forward so be careful. At the end of this stage is a boss battle, you need to defeat Paro the fire golem, use your heavy slash and normal attacks accurately to destroy him for good.


Download Star Knight – Green Hill Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

Free Star Knight – Green Hill Walkthrough (Android & iOS)