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A planet called Gaon is under attack by evil enemies and its leader just stole the only source of light for the planet. Guide your heroes in fighting these monsters here in Star Knight. Travel on each world and control your character. Search the area and jump on the platforms to locate the portal that will complete the stage. But be careful because you will face lots of monsters along the way. Perform slash attacks to defeat them and collect the coins they will drop. These coins will help you purchase new weapons for your character. The game also allows you to use several skills from these weapons.

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Star Knight is a fun and exciting platform based adventure game where you need to take control of Naro, a skilled warrior of the planet Gaon, the story goes that the dark dragon Nidhogg stole the sun, the planet of Gaon came into attack by hordes of evil creatures and vile monsters, it is now up to Naro to battle the enemies, bring back the sun and bring peace to the planet once and for all, it will not be an easy task but you’ll do everything you can as the lives of the inhabitants of the planet of Gaon rests on your shoulders, and so the adventure begins, you need to guide Naro through the levels, overcoming a variety of obstacles, traps and other hazards, you’ll encounter a lot of gaps, spikes, hordes of enemies and many more, it’s going to be a bloody battle indeed, and you’re going to be in the middle of it all, not to worry though as there are a variety of weapons that you can use against the multitude of enemies that will be attacking you, there are also some cool and powerful skills that you can learn, not to mention those special items and powerups, don’t be too confident though as there are some bad ass bosses in the game, they are tough and really difficult to subdue, but if your character grows powerful enough, there shouldn’t be any problem, come on, play the game, start hacking and slashing at those vile creatures of darkness here in Star Knight.

Graphics and Sound

The game is presented in a cartoony manner and it is in 2D, the character designs used with the characters are awesome though, the hero looks rather small and cute but you still can see some very nice details, the enemy characters are nice too, they really look menacing and have their own unique designs that make them really cool to look at, the game environment is also nice, they are made up of various platform based designs, the foregrounds are rather dark while the backdrops are very colorful, movement is cool by the way, the character is quite responsive to the virtual controls which adds up to the excitement when you play the game, the music is quite engaging too, while sounds are quite varied and resonate all throughout the game, special effects are cool, you’ll see quite a lot of blood and gore during combat and weapon effects are certainly pretty, overall, the game looked great, character design is awesome and presentation is really cool.


The game is a hack and slash adventure game where you need to explore the different levels and kill all the enemies while surviving the traps and obstacles , for every kill you make, you will be rewarded with coins, and when you have enough, you can spend it at the shops to buy better equipment, skills, and even special items to make your character more powerful and effective against the enemies that you will encounter, controls are also fairly simple and easy to use, there is a left and right virtual arrow on the left side to control the character’s movements, and on the right side are the action buttons.


Star Knight features 2D side scrolling graphics, it is a platform based adventure game, there are a lot of weapons available for you, lots of skills and even upgrades, and it has very easy to use controls for more fun.


Very nice game indeed, I really enjoyed hacking my way through the hordes of enemies in the game, the weapons and skills are cool too, check it out, this is fun.


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