Spooky Learning Game for Kids – Funny Monster Adventures

Spooky Learning Game for Kids – Funny Monster Adventures available now for Android / iOS / Windows and other Mobile Device, Tablet, Phone

Spooky Learning Game for Kids – Funny Monster Adventures – Best App For Kids

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Welcome to Kuca Fears, a world where our children have fun and learn to overcome their fears. Through shadows and sound, they are able to realize there is nothing to be afraid of. Discover what are the things that scare them at night. Help Fufi, our main character, discover what are the shadows and sounds that are hidden when everything is dark. Also help Fufi create sweet dreams for all children.


Choose between our three games, each one of them has a different objective. In the first game turn on the light to discover that shadows are created by ordinary objects. Turn on the light and but everything back into place. The go to the backyard, kitchen or your room and find out what are the things that make strange sounds at night. Finally follow Fufi to his dream factory and follow his instructions to create a sweet dream.


Play through our incredible scenarios, you will find our that there is more than you realize.


-Choose from one of our 3 minigames.
-5 spooky shadows to vanish.
-There are 3 scenarios with more that 15 objects to be discovered.
-Find out what makes Fufi laugh.
-Color and special effects on every piece.
-No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
-No third-party advertising.

-No in App Purchases.


The special thing about this game is that it never ends, you can enter every mini game and always find or do something new. Discover in the game of shadows, what happens if you click other objects in the room, the shadow makes a noise if you pick its tummy. Try tickling Fufi in his dream factory, you’ll see how he laughs!


We would love your suggestions for our new games be kind enough to give us a sincere feed back and we will get back to you. So keep those ideas and suggestions coming! What do you want to see next in the Kuca series? Share your suggestions by submitting a review, or share them with @Kucaboom on Instagram & YouTube!