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Experience the story of a small group of elite German soldiers sent to a small town to investigate strange activities. The task was supposed to be fast and easy. Instead, they would face the Unimaginable
Find out how they had to fail their country to save the world

Inspired by Contra, Metal Slug, Castle Crashers

+The game will feature different levels, missions, and locations, and various enemy types (gunfights, monsters, etc).

+Earn points. Purchase Weapons. Unlock characters.

+Enter the arena:
_Provide friendly sniper support. Keep him alive through waves of dangerous monsters
_Stand your ground as long as you can in Survival. Challenges will keep rising as you go
_Defend your main base from the attackers. Utilize the powerful weaponry in your possession
_Release your stress in Electrify. Take down as many monsters as you can with the ultimate Electro-shock
_Challenge yourself in four-boss-fight. See if you are fast enough
_Hold the line. Stand your ground until your last breath
_Play as the monster. Summon your allies
_Commandeer a Mech. Be the ultimate badass
_Not enough to your liking? Enter your custom spawn and have fun

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