SNOW SHADOWS Escape Game Android

SNOW SHADOWS Escape Game Android

脱出ゲーム 雪の降る街からの脱出 -Escape from the city to falling of escape game snow
Genre [escape × mystery solving adventure]

I will lose everything,
He had continued to wander the snow-covered world.

One day…

▼ Features ▼
· Solve one of the mysteries and also a mystery, stage type escape game
– also will examine the various places every time the stage is going little by little even in the room change and advance
· Jammed when you see … hint. There is also the answer when you really do not know
Tap and swipe or … there is a variety of gimmick
– for free you can play the whole stage

▼ How to play ▼
Examined in tap
To expand the items in the double-tap an item in the item box
– is on the screen to select the menu button can or start from the continuation or return to the home
In addition there is a case where tips come out • When you tap the enlarged item
– Depending on the problem Let’s examine not bear from or appear is also a variety of tricks from up of items

[Point of capture]
Let’s tap all over the throughout the screen.
When I was several times tap at the same location be a new discovery!

[Playful. Features of]
A little content is a feature that incorporates a sense of fun.
Enjoy the puzzle and ponder!
It can be played easily even people who have never escape game.

Genre(s) : Escape , mystery solving adventure
Require internet connection : NO
Size : 44 mb
Date Released : 2018-01-10

Google Play download URL:…

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