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You may have a slow roving snail but no doubt your bullets are fast for these Vikings. Take the battle on the road here in Snail Battles – an action-packed shooting and survival mobile game. What you must accomplish here is simply survive on the battlefield as you drive your snail. Different enemies will come across your way and you must shoot them down using your machine gun. You will be able to add more members on the back of your snail and help you fight dragons, demons, and other monsters. There are 2 modes you can access here with lots of level to complete.

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Snail Battles is a fun and challenging action packed game where you will be using heroes and snails to battle and decimate the forces of evil, it’s going to be tough battling the evil monsters, but you’ll do everything you can to defeat them, because if you don’t, they’ll ravage your forces for sure, until your ranks are decimated to bits and pieces, the game features 5 beautifully designed worlds for you to explore and conquer, with a total of 100 challenging and action packed levels for you to battle, each one designed to test your fighting skills, it also features 20 heroes for you to use, each one of them having their own unique weaponry and abilities that you can use during combat, not to mention those battle snails that you can mount with an assortment of weaponry that can wreak havoc on the enemies, it’s going to be an epic battle indeed, and you’ll be in the middle of it from start to finish, you can either play the story mode or the campaign mode or the endless mode where you can do endless battles with the enemies until you drop or your batteries depleted…whichever comes first…it’s all up to you, so lock and load and get ready to slug it out with the enemies here in Snail Battles.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look awesome, the character designs in the game look great, the characters have diverse looks, from the playable characters all the way to the enemies in the game, the environment in the game is also very nice, each one of the 5 worlds features their very own unique designs that look quite distinct from the other locations, foregrounds are very nice and so are the backdrops, the structures you’re going to see in them look like pre historic, colors are great, you’ll see a lot of earth tones in the game, and everything seems to be lush and soft to the eyes, the animation and character movements are smooth too, the animation of moving parts are nice and the movement of the characters are smooth and fluid, music sounds great while the special effects are quite explosive or bombastic, very nice for games of this type, the special visuals are also cool, explosions look pretty and weapon fire look really beautiful, overall, the game really looks pretty, it has very nice graphic designs and cool presentations.


The main task in every level is to decimate the enemies to the last unit, once you have defeated all of them, you win the level, there are a lot of weapons that you can use in the game, and heroes too, each one of them having their own skills and weaponry, but you can’t be too confident though as the enemies are just as powerful and they have the advantage when it comes to numbers, just make sure to collect a lot of gems and coins so you can buy the cool upgrades available for you at the shops, controlling the game is a breeze by the way, all it takes are taps and swipes to play it through.


Snail Battles features some cool and cartoony graphic designs and presentations, there are 20 playable characters for you to use, 5 different worlds to conquer and 100 action packed levels for you to beat, it also has simple controls to maximize fun.


Really fun and action packed, I enjoyed this one a lot, the battles are quite intense too, and if you’re not being careful, the enemy forces will demolish you for sure, check it out, it’s fun.


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