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Sletters Gameplay by Diverso Games on iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android Gameplay Trailer. HD video of Sletters – Word puzzles, riddles & brain teasers Game App.

A fun and exciting game of creating words by sliding letters, Sletters is a throwback to those iconic word puzzles that exercise the mind while challenging you to use your creativity.

The object of Sletters is to slide letters in any direction however many times you need in order to form the words that appear on a predefined list. Finish the list and move on to the next level!

Nothing though, is as easy as it seems. The trick is to work quickly without coming to a dead end. You are allowed to SWAP letters however, should the board become too difficult.

A true tribute to the word puzzles of old, Sletters is a brainteaser with a twist. With ragtime-inspired audio and colors that will certainly brighten up any day, Sletters is meant to entertain while keeping your brain nimble.

The rundown:

A. Challenging game of creating words by sliding letters
B. Tiles can be slid in any direction
C. Words formed may be horizontal or vertical
D. Work off of level-based word lists
E. Finish the list move on to the next level
F. Boards range from easy to advanced
G. Throwback to “old school” word puzzles
H. Simple bright colors and lively ragtime music
I .The perfect workout for your mind!

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