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A new hero is born and he can slash down anything within seconds. Start the adventure and action as you slay tons of enemy monsters in this cute mobile game known as Slashy Hero. Control our hero and find you way to the portal. Simply dash on the area until you get inside the portal. There are levels that requires you to defeat all the enemies before the portal can appear. Collect lots of candy and other sweet items dropped by the enemies so you can buy costumes. The game also features other weapons and items to make your character stronger.

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Slashy Hero is a fun and exciting action packed hack and slash game that has you taking on the role of a hero and attempting to save halloween, the story goes that an evil house has taken all the candies in the land and it will be up to you to retrieve them all before halloween is ruined for good, it is not going to a walk in the park as you will be fighting hordes of evil ghosts, tombstones, jack o’ lanterns and many more, there are 48 challenging levels you need to go through, slashing evil creatures left and right while collecting candies along the way, besides the regular ghosts, there are also some boss battles you need to go through, fortunately, there are a of of in game help that you can get and use against the enemies, like the 30 costumes available that not only changes how your character looks but also give it special abilities, you can even combine to come up with a new and cooler costume, they cost a lot of candies though so make sure to collect all the candies that the ghosts drop during battle, so come on and join this wonderful adventure to save halloween, take up your sword and battle hordes of ghosts here i Slashy Hero.

Graphics and Sound

Slashy Hero has very nice graphics, the designs are a bit eerie and cartoony, it looks nice though as the characters in the game are cute, the main character even changes appearance as you equip new and cooler costumes, the environments in the game are also quite pretty, you’ll see a lot of nice designs inside the haunted mansion…in cartoon style of course, colors are great, there is much variety in the game which is cool as the theme is halloween, the animations are also quite smooth, character movements are generally great making the game quite exciting to play, the music and sounds are cool too, the in game music is exciting and engaging and adds up to the fun in playing the game while the sound effects are also nice, not too explosive though but still kinda nice, special effects on the other hand are also great, the special visuals assigned to the weapons and attacks look quite nice and pretty, overall, the game is beautiful graphically, it has very nice and cute characters all throughout.


Slashy Hero is your typical hack and slash game, and as such, you will be attacking hordes of enemies all throughout, the only difference is in the controls, you need to draw a line or a path towards the enemies to attack them, there are a lot of upgrades in the game that can be bought with candies, like the different costumes that give you special abilities, you can even mix and match them to produce a new one which is great when used against the multitude of enemies in the game, control is easy here, all you need to do is to tap and hold the screen, draw a line and watch your character attack the enemies.


Slashy Hero features beautiful graphics, it has cartoony designs from the characters to the environments, there are a total of 48 challenging levels for you to play, lots of enemies and boss fights to test your fighting skills, and it has easy controls to maximize the fun.


Slashy Hero is quite fun, there are really a lot of ghosts to battle here, and a lot of loot too, the cooler ones are harder to find though, check it out if you haven’t played it yet, this one’s really fun.


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