Sky to Fly: Soulless Leviathan Android

Sky to Fly: Soulless Leviathan Android

Sky to Fly: Soulless Leviathan by Absolutist Games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)

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Sky to Fly: Soulless Leviathan is a sequel to the legendary steampunk action runner. After saving the sky city you find yourself under a hidden threat. Upon learning of the impending attack on Vetropolis, the main hero has decided to become an Agent, but the corrupt authorities want to stop him.

Whirl into a breathtaking sky battles on fantastic ships and create your own civilization.
Fight with an army of robots and lead the clan that worshiped by the ancient Servicemen.

In this part, you will have to fight a lot, indeed, shoot a lot and perform aerobatic maneuvers at top speed. Yet more attention is paid to battles and exploring. Also the surrounding has been well worked over, including weather conditions generation.

And while you’re enjoying 15 game levels, reaching your goal and mission, you can upgrade you ship and discover a fantastic world beyond the clouds.

Game features:

* 18 core missions
* 15 locations designed to astonish the most sophisticated gamers
* 14 charismatic characters to show you this virtual world
* 6 types of flying ships with lots of upgrades
* 8 crew members
* 14 types of enemies
* 6 boosters
* 8 kinds of resources

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