Skate & Strike (by Balkan Fırtına)

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Multi-player mode is now online! Try it now!

In this Skate & Strike game you will fight with and race against your opponents on your skateboard and with your guns and skills. Outstrip your opponents by racing faster or stop them by destroying them. There is also bunny hop mode, don’t forget to give it a go.

With your points, you can buy new skateboards to surf faster, or you can buy new weapons to destroy your opponents. You can also customize your skateboard with new skins(updates are coming soon).

Skate & Strike, also known as Surf & Strike, is a skateboard racing game. This game is inspired by CS surf mode, but we are independent team from the developers of the surf mode. There is no content from Counter Strike. We have ownerships or permissions to use all contents of this game. Surfing is easier in mobile, you are not have to be a pro to complete a level.
Device requirements:
1.2 GHz processor
1.5 GB RAM
190 MBs of empty space (Yes, we are using Unreal Engine 4)

Multiplayer version will be activated in next updates.

All of your feedbacks are appreciated! 🙂

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*Coming in v1.6*
Surfing and bhop mode (bhop) together in one level.
Multiplayer mode for bhop mode.
Knife case in case simulator. You can also get skateboards and coins with case simulator.
More precise counter to increase competence in global records

*Coming in v1.5*
Multi-player mode

*v1.4 updates*
Alternative controls
Bunny hop (bhop) mode. Jump faster to win.
Replay button
Case simulator. Try your chance to get items quickly with case opener.

*v1.3 updates*
Shop menu
Bug fixes

*v1.2 updates*
Chat room
New tranining level to teach surfing

*v1.1 updates*
New surf levels
Better surfing controls