Shooting Heroes Android

Shooting Heroes Android

Shooting Heroes by DreamSky . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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“Shooting Heroes” is an action shooting game, strive to create a gun shoots gorgeous burst of cool sense of the table, Players experience the ultimate shooting fun and competitive fights anytime, anywhere.

【Game Features】

– God perspective, not the same shooting experience
Unique top view of the game mode, 360 degrees without dead shot pleasure. Bid farewell to ordinary shooting game perspective mode, bringing a new super cool experience.

– Heroes distinctive, bring extraordinary experience
More than a dozen super-blood hero for your use, each hero with different stunts, different attacks, different operating experience, Variety with different characteristics.

– Into the operation, fingertips super gods
Easy to operate, easy to use. Left hand control action, right hand control shooting. Extremely convenient mode of operation, easy to feel the operation brought the charm of the game. Easy to match the game level, so that different players can find their own game mode.

– Destroy the day off to the ground
Bid farewell to the tedious way to develop, any equipment, skills, stars can be a key to complete the moment. And instantly find the feeling of destruction of heaven and earth, people block kill people, Buddha block to kill the Buddha.

– Variety of fun play, enjoy different fun
The game includes the level mode, competitive mode, endless mode, supply mode four, each mode can provide dozens of hours of the game is not the same experience.

Connection mode

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