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The great lands of Greece has an amazing race and you will surely try to endure everything. But prepare for some fluffy obstacles along the way in this fast-paced survival mobile game known as Sheep Happens. What you must do here is simply keep your character running and jumping to get the farthest distance possible. Be sure to avoid the barriers or hurdles that you will encounter on the track or else your runner will stumble and fail. Try to perform combos by jumping on top of other runners and get bigger coins. Purchase power-ups too that can help you gain the advantage in the marathon.

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Sheep Happens features an endless running adventure that is set in the earliest greek olympics, you’ll chasing after Hermes here, albeit trying to break his record, there will be a lot of obstacles along the way, like fellow runners, sheep…lots of them, and may more, you need to run and jump across the beaten tracks while avoiding obstacles along the way, it won’t be a walk in the park but it will be fun, besides the other runners on the tracks, sheep will also keep falling from the sky, and they must be avoided at all cost…or you can jump on their backs and ride them across the tracks, there are also a lot of coins to be collected along the way, collect them all and upgrade your character at the shops, you can by hats and helmets of varying looks and abilities and many more, and if you get tired of endless running alone, you can go online and play with your friends, compete in global tournaments and earn cool rewards that you can later use in your game, so do you have the skills to outrun Hermes?, can you beat your online friends and be the number on the global leaderboards?, play the game and find out for yourself here in Sheep Happens.

Graphics and Sound

Sheep Happens has very nice graphics, the designs in the game are cartoony and quite hilarious, the characters are nice though, they look really cute and kinda funny, the game also has very nice details making it look pretty, the environments by the way are also nice, it features a variety of early greek architecture as can be seen from the different structures you’ll see in the game, the colors are great too, the game, overall, looks quite vivid and bright, the animations are also very nice, the game is full of smooth moving characters and parts which greatly contributes to the fun in playing the game, the game’s soundtrack and sound effects are also cool, the music is nice to listen to while the sound effects used were varied enough making the game much more fun to play, the special effects are also pretty, nothing spectacular really but still pretty as it made the game more fun to play, overall, the game may be cartoony but the cool graphic design and the hilarious presentations made the game looking great.


Sheep Happens is basically an endless runner where you need to cover as much distance as possible before your character dies, you can do the usual jumps, double jumps, slide and dash, and collect coins along the way, you will also be dodging obstacles like other runners and sheep, although the character can ride the sheep or pick up and slam it at the other runners, it takes quite some practice to do it, there are also some cool powerups, special items and even upgrades to help you out in your runs, they cost a lot of money though, and you’ll need to get all the coins to be able to buy the cooler ones.


Sheep Happens has very simple graphics and designs, the gameplay is quite chaotic and hilarious, there are a lot of coins to collect and a lot of special items, and powerups to buy, the game also features very simple controls to make it more fun to play.


Sheep Happens is quite fun and hilarious, it is quite addictive too, I really enjoyed this one, this would be great for everyone to try especially those who are into endless runners, they’ll love this one for sure, try it guys.


Download Sheep Happens Game (Android & iOS)

Free Sheep Happens Game (Android & iOS)