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Survive a world where modern science is mixed with the magical entities. See if you still have the wits to set up the best strategy here in Shadowrun Returns. Select missions and finish them perfectly by defeating all the enemies on the field. The system introduces you a turn-based RPG where every character on your team counts. The game also features hundreds of weapons to choose from and you can also add magical elements to your weapons. Don’t forget to check or customize your character from different archetypes. Your characters can learn their own set of skills that can affect or change the tide of battle.

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Shadowrun Returns is a turn based action packed role playing game where magic and technology collide, the story goes that in the year 2054, magic, a force that has long been forgotten has suddenly emerged again in the world, bringing to life powerful evil creatures of legend and myth, elves, trolls, orcs and many more creatures of mystic origin now walk the earth among humans that have advanced in science and technology…it’s like a collision of two worlds…and brought forth a lot of changes, this is where you come in, you will take on the role of a shadowrunner, a mercenary for hire, a go to guy for the oppressed and the rich, there are a total of 6 unique characters in the game that you can use, each one of them having their own sets of skills that you can develop, there are also a total of 350 cool and powerful weapon that you can wield, not to mention those magic skills and special abilities that you can learn throughout your adventure, but you need to be careful though as the enemies are just as powerful and skilled, and if you’re not very strategic and careful in your battles, you will be overwhelmed and eliminated for sure, are you up for a little cyberpunk and futuristic adventure?, lock and load and show the enemies what you’ve got here in Shadowrun Returns.

Graphics and Sound

The game graphics look great, it is presented in a top down isometric view, the characters look awesome too, designs really vary and quite detailed even though they look quite small during combat, the environments are also awesome, the features different environmental designs from one location to another and all of them are highly detailed, you’ll see a lot of structures with intricate details that nicely depict a futuristic cyberpunk world, colors are very nice, and even though the game looks a bit dark, the screen still looked vivid enough for you to see little details in the environments, movements and animations are also cool, the movements are brisk and smooth while the animations are also awesome, the movements of the moving parts and non playable characters are truly nice, the game music is cool too, kinda heart thumping and exciting while the sound effect are also quite awesome and realistic, weapon fire and abilities each have their own sound when used or activated, the special effects on the other hand are also cool, weapon fire and explosions are flashy and so are the magic and special abilities, overall, it is simple awesome, it has some cool designs and presentations.


The game is quite action packed and turn based as mentioned earlier, and as such, you and your enemies will take turns attacking each other’s party, you lose if your party gets eliminated before the enemies, there should be a nice balance between offense and defense here to make you less vulnerable, against enemy attacks, the key to the game are the powerful weapons, skills and abilities as the enemies will grow more powerful as you progress, and if you can’t keep up, they will wipe you out for good.


Shadowrun Returns features some awesome graphic designs and presentations, it is turn based and can be finished in 12 hours…depending on your skills of course, there are tons of weapons that you can use, lots of magic and special skills for you to develop, and it has easy controls for maximum fun.


The game is great, but really quite challenging, it takes some tactical skills and cool weaponry to win a battle, try it, this is fun.