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Seven Guardians is and action strategy adventure game with elements of role playing game, recruit and train the mightiest warriors in the land and engage the undead in a fierce battle to save and restore peace to the 9 worlds. It will be a battle of epic proportions, a battle you can not afford to lose as the lives of everyone in the realm rests on your shoulders. The game features 7 classes ow skilled and powerful warriors for you to train and command, they are warriors, archers, rouge, defender, golem, wizard and warlord, each one of them wield their very own weapons and have their very own skills for you to develop, it will not be easy and it is definitely going to be a challenge, but this is war and you’ll do everything you can to defeat the undead forces and send them back to the bowels of hell where they come from. Indeed, you’ll have everything you need to battle the evil forces, you can’t be too confident though as the enemies in the game are very powerful, their sheer number alone will be more than enough to send your forces scampering if you’re not being strategic. And if you don’t utilize your forces properly, you won’t be able to save the 9 worlds for sure. Will you dare to take on this adventure and save everyone in the 9 worlds?, It’s all up to you.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look great, the character designs are superb, there is much variety and everything seems to look awesome, I particularly like the intricate character designs that were used here, the main characters and even the enemies featured here really look awesome. The character details also look very high as you will see once you start playing the game. The game environments looks cool too, the structures featured have beautiful and intricate designs, there are different locations featured and all of them have unique looks, a sight to behold if I may say so. The colors are also great, it looks sharp and vivid and much variety is used when it comes to colors, the blending of the colors are also cool which makes the game even prettier and really nice. Movements and animations are great too, the animated parts have very smooth and fluid movements while controls are generally simple and easy. Music also sound nice and quite engaging while sound effect is great as there is much variety, you’ll hear lots of battle sounds during combat. SFX is also beautiful, weapon and ability effects look astonishing, you’ll love it when you use the character’s different abilities. Overall, it looks pretty awesome, the characters look very cool and so are the environments.


This game is quite action packed, you can either play it in offline single player or online with other player all over the world, the game is quite strategic too and if you don’t play your cards right, you’ll be defeated in no time. Controls are also simple and easy, it is optimized for mobile gaming.


Seven Guardians has some very nice graphics and presentations, there are seven classes of characters for you to use, a lot of weapon and special abilities that you can develop, it can be played offline single player or online with your friends all over the world, it also has easy to learn controls for your playing pleasure.


Very nice game overall, and quite challenging too, I started playing the game solo then went online when I thought I was good enough, check it out, this is fun.