Scary Neighborhood Android

Scary Neighborhood Android

Scary Neighborhood by SMG – Super Megatron Games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Epic adventure & escape game that takes you into a haunted house. The game is full of puzzles in a scary environment. In Scary Neighborhood, you are playing as a nosy person Ben. Where the player has the task to get into scary neighbor’s house and found that he is doing some suspicious activity, escape and do not get caught his eye. Ben wants to know what his mysterious evil neighbor is up to for last couple of months. Ben goes to investigate the neighbor’s house because of some suspicious and abnormal activities. He is captured and trapped by that neighbor. Ben sees the neighbor sleeping, then makes some noise in the kitchen. Neighbor wakes up to go check and forgets the key near the bed. Ben at night sneaks into the scary neighbor’s house but his evil neighbor captures him. Can you escape this place; it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up for the Scary Neighborhood challenge?

Escape or die mission starts when Ben wakes up in the basement, he finds that his neighbor is a psychotic person who captures people from the town & tortures them to death. Ben also find his old neighborhood friend Alan who was also captured a couple of weeks ago. Alan then shows Ben how to escape the evil neighbor house but died himself while helping Ben. Ben is now lost in his massive underground basement & his Scary Neighbor is after Ben’s life. Ben exits the basement and looks for a way out. He sees a phone and calls the cops. To make the neighbor busy until the cops arrive, he locks the neighbor in the room. Ben uses the chemicals to make the neighbor unconscious, take the house key, and escapes.You must be very careful, to think at how to escape from this neighbor house. Now it is up to Ben to make an escape plan & find a way out alive of this Scary Neighbor House!

– HD Cartoonish Environment
– Hide & Seek Gameplay
– Find Clues & Steal the Keys
– Set Booby-traps for the Evil Neighbor

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