Save The Camp! [Android/iOS]

Save The Camp! [Android/iOS] Game Apps Free Download

Save The Camp! [Android/iOS] Android

Save The Camp! by The Learning Partnership Canada . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Ah, the life of a summer camp counsellor. Birds in the trees, hot dogs on the bonfire and eight weeks of complete and utter tower warfare chaos.

But you’re the boss now, and if the flag is stolen, you’re fired. You’ll be given a daily budget to purchase and upgrade towers – but be careful, your success will depend on how well you save!

You must protect the flag at all costs, and make sure the enemy counsellors don’t get their hands on it!

Defend your flag by building and upgrading your camp’s towers – from mechanized spitball flingers, to water balloons hurlers, stink bomb chuckers, and paint balls whippers!

Defend your camp from the beastly enemy camp counsellors and their hordes of ravenous and relentlessly rude campers!

Strategically manage and grow your money in order to fund your defence: purchase and upgrade towers and special abilities to achieve ultimate victory!

When you ripped the little paper thingie-dangle off the telephone pole ad that said “Camp Counsellor Wanted – Battle Experience Preferred” you definitely knew this wasn’t gonna be a… normal summer job. But man…this is something else entirely.

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Save the Camp! was created by The Learning Partnership, Meridian Credit Union, and Tiny Hearts Studios. It was designed to teach students about spending strategically, borrowing responsibly and saving for the future.

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Download Save The Camp! [Android/iOS]

Save The Camp! [Android/iOS] For Free

Download Save The Camp! [Android/iOS] Android