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Samurai vs Zombies Defense Game (Android & iOS) – YouTube Free

The princess has seen the income invasion of zombies and she has used her soul to create a shield. And in order to save your princess, you must fight these zombies here in Samurai vs Zombies: Defense. Move your samurai on the field and attack all wave after wave of flesh-eating zombies. Once the percentage of zombie kills reaches 100, the wave is completed. The samurai will automatically attack any enemy as long as it is in range. The game also features upgrades for your samurai and make him last longer in battle. You can also use cool skills against the zombie army.

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Samurai vs Zombies Defense is an exciting action packed game that is set in feudal Japan, you will play as a samurai here and you need to defend the village from the marauding zombie hordes that are intent on ravaging the village and killing everyone therein, but you just wouldn’t let that happen would you?…the noble warrior in you kicks in and the adventure begins…you need to explore the different locations and fight the zombies in their own terms…swordfights, magic and many more, no worries as you’ll get a lot of help in the game, like those villagers and even other warriors, it will take some time though, you need to level up your samurai’s abilities to be able to spawn more powerful allies to help you out, you will also have access to cooler and more powerful weapons, armor and some magical abilities…and if you think this is still not enough, you can always play the mini games and get a chance to win cool items to help you in your epic quest…the battles will be nasty and bloody but it will be fun, so come on and join the adventure, draw your sword and get ready to slash those zombies, send them back to where they came from…the grave…here in Samurai vs Zombies Defense.

Graphics and Sound

Samurai vs Zombies Defense has very nice graphics, quite stunning actually, it features awesome character designs, but I kinda liked the zombies better as they really look mean and menacing, character details are quite very high too, the characters in the game have bigger heads in proportion to their bodies but they still looked kinda cool, environments are great too, designs are varied and unique and it also features very high details, colors are great, everything looks really lush and vivid, the game is simply bursting with colors, animations are also very nice, movements are great making the characters really nice to control, music and sounds are cool too, the game has a very nice and engaging soundtrack and sound effects certainly has variety, battle sounds resonate throughout the battlefields, special effects are also kinda flashy as the environments in the game are a bit dark that it makes the special visuals really pretty, overall, the game is pretty stunning, it has very nice designs, it looks really cool no matter how you look at it.


Samurai vs Zombies Defense, is a side scrolling fighting game and as such, the enemies will attack from both sides of the screen, combat is automatic too, the character automatically slashes the enemies as soon as they get within range from your character, the special attacks are not automatic though, like the summoning of allies, you need to tap a button on the bottom of the screen to activate them, controls are simple and easy to use by the way, you only need to tap and hold either side of the screen to to that direction, and the special attacks as mentioned earlier are all at the bottom of your device.


Samurai vs Zombies Defense features beautiful graphics, it has awesome character designs, you can play both sides of the story, the samurai side or the zombie horde, there are a lot of weapons, armor and magic available for you to use, there are also some mini games that dish out cool rewards when you win, and the game has simple controls to make it more fun to play.


Samurai vs Zombies Defense is quite fun, it may look like it just jumped into the bandwagon as it features nothing new, but it doesn’t mean it ain’t fun, check it out and find out for yourself.


Download Samurai vs Zombies Defense Game (Android & iOS) – YouTube

Free Samurai vs Zombies Defense Game (Android & iOS) – YouTube