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Five monks and apprentices of the Tang Dynasty, farewell to King Tang, went to the Great Leiyin Temple in the West Tian after the eighty-one disaster, visited Buddha Tathagata, and got the true sutra. As a result, they were abandoned by the tortoise in the Tongtian River. Five of them could only begin to copy the Sutra books on the spot. In this silly Sutra acquisition team, five of them were unable to complete their task. They had to employ the devils they met on the way to help you, and finally they could To be rewarded, five people finally become Buddhas and ascend to heaven…

• 💰 Management – Employ passers-by and train them. Whatever he used to do, even monsters!

• 🏭 Expansion – Five Masters and Apprentices can copy multiple copies at the same time, upgrade, and copy more crazily.
• 💤 Place – Lazy to bother with monsters? I know you. Automation! Lie down and count your money.
• 🏆 Achievement – If the Buddha is happy, he will be rewarded.
• 🤡 Collection – 200 writers, awards and trophies…
• ⭐ Status – After upgrading, start again with better helpers, better rewards, and better things.
• 🤑 Money – Make more money, hire more people, press crazily, upgrade fairy classes as soon as possible, and become a fairy tycoon!

As for passers-by? There is a long line of people waiting at the door. They are eager to work for you. As a boss, you have to train them and award the best performers with golden badges and the Daily Star Employee Award.

Drinking a cup of coffee or energy drinks to five apprentices can greatly improve management efficiency. They really enjoy it! What about the stimulus of disco music in the 1980s? Your assistants will come and dance with the music, and even the production will be improved!

!! Warning!!! This is a completely different travel game to the West! Once you start playing, you can’t stop it at all!

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