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Hi !
Runaway to meet will make you smash your phone and delete the game, then download it again to make your friend play it to laugh at his failures. You will remember every level of it and enjoy every victory you won!

No! It’s not that kind of super-hardcore “jump over triangles”, “fly as a bird between tubes” or “tap to cut the tree”. No!
Runaway to meet cannot be compared to these games, as well as it cannot be explained or described. Much easier would be trying it yourself or, at least, watching a video.

It’s a game with a plenty of different heroes: zombies, skeletons, mummies, werewolves. We even have Dracula there. Everything in the game is drawn in nice-looking pixel art graphics! You don’t like “classical monsters”? Dress your zombie in a diving suit, ghost in pirate outfit, and a skeleton can be dressed up like Terminator!

100 levels isn’t enough? You want more? You can try being NUMBER ONE in endless mode!
What? Not interested? Then we have more than 50 achievements that aren’t that easily achievable.
Pass level after level, reach your aim, compete with friends and understand this: you can be doomed but not disposed of!

– enthralling gameplay
– medieval castle setting
– bunch of characters
– 100 diverse levels
– endless mode
– references and easter eggs
– soundtrack made by one of the best musicians on indie-scene
– die! die! die!
– cool achievements
– nice description in the store

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