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Roman Empire
Roman Empire: Rise of Rome
Rome Rising: medieval battles

The establishment of the Roman Republic conquered Italy, becoming the Roman Empire.

As leader of the faction in the vicinity of Rome, will capture the small town “Rome”, and there you can establish a republic Senate and city. Of course it’s just the beginning of your fairy tale. You will lead your people, the city and the Senate to victory against the enemies of the Commonwealth of Rome. In the beginning you will fight Capua, Pompeii and the Cities-states. Later you have to stop the invasion of Gallia tribes. This is part of the foundation of the Republic. Later fight against the central italics of the country “Samnici”. If you defeat the Republic of Samnite, you will control central Italy. This is an important march to become an important power in the Italian and Central Mediterranean peninsula.
Of course, the Roman Empire not only control central Italy. You will fight the ancient Kingdom of Albania called “Kingdom of Epirus”. Their king Pyrrhus will come to Italy to stop the progress of the Roman Republic on the call of rival cities-states. You will need to be very costly 2 battles with King Pyrrusa. These wars are called Pyrrhic wars. If you are standing before the Kingdom of Epirus you can capture southern Italy, the Gaul tribes start the invasion again from the north. Well, please, war again! Gaul tribes came from the north and raided northern Italy and destabilized the Italian peninsula again. You will conquer northern Italy with 3 costly wars. If you finish the conquest of northern Italy, the real war will begin … Carthaginians! Carthage stores all major islands and North Africa. You need to capture Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, one by one. Your recent wars against the Great General of Hannibal Carthage. Hannibal is the father of strategy. These wars will be very difficult … No Leader, first create a republic, and then lead to the Romans empire!

This is a real-time strategy, a medieval war game where you can fight all nations in Italy since the Middle Ages. Take your sword and shield and guide your army.

This is the 3rd medieval battle game Ladik Apps. Earlier they are in the game store called “Medieval Battles” and Medieval Times: Holy Land Wars. We will produce an Ottoman war game, Roman conquest of the Balkans and Greece, Roman conquest of Egypt. So please follow us for future war historical games.

* 10 different warriors.
* 6 different nations.
* 18 unique, 28 total war
* 18 Detailed battles in historical battles
Another Victory System (Sometimes you can capture a city or city, and sometimes you can destroy castles and military camps
True Roman soldiers and officers.

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