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You now have the sword that will lead to your rights to become a king. But you will need to overcome the obstacles if you want to take your crown here in Road to be King. This simple yet challenging mobile game has one goal; to keep your character alive as he runs on the field. Get the farthest distance possible without getting yourself injured from all sorts of obstacles. You will face monsters and spikes. But you can defeat weak enemies with your sword. Don’t forget to collect as many crystals as you can and use it to purchase special items.

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Road to be King is an exciting and fun-filled endless adventure where you control a character and explore randomly generated environments, but the road to be king is quite perilous, there are a lot of dangers along the way, like deadly traps and obstacles, even foul and evil creatures bent on stopping you to become king, it’s going to be an epic journey indeed, but it’s a journey you can’t pass up as you’ll be king if you reach the end of the road, the game features beautiful worlds for you to discover, generated randomly to give you a different game each time, no worries though as your character will be well armed with different weapons, each one of which can be upgraded to make them more powerful and effective against the enemies, but besides the weapons, there are also special skills available for you to use and some cool powerups too…don’t be too confident though as the enemies in the game are quite tough and the traps and other obstacles are cleverly placed to give you a hard time or stop you on your tracks completely…so come on and join the adventure, find out if you have the power and the skills to reach the end of the road here in Road to be King.

Graphics and Sound

Road to be King has beautiful graphics, the designs are cartoon styled but looks rather pretty, the characters and monsters in the game have nice details and they look quite nice too,but not really very menacing as you’d expect from monsters, environments are nice, the randomly generated environments are quite unique, it features colorful landscapes and nicely arranged obstacles and traps, colors are great by the way, they look vivid and sharp and certainly adds up to the beauty of the game, animations are also fairly smooth, which makes moving the character all over the environments really fun, music and sounds are nice too, sound track is cool and sound effects resonate all throughout the game, special effects on the other hand are quite simple, but this doesn’t stop it from making the game fun to play, overall, the cartoony graphic designs were quite pretty.


Road to be King is an endless running adventure with elements of fighting, it features an easy one touch control to play the game, all you need to do here is to tap and hold the screen and then drag your finger around the screen to make the character follow, the game looks pretty easy at first but soon enough the traps and enemies will be all over the place, and if you’re not quick enough, you’ll be smitten by the enemies for sure and it’s back to the starting line for you, the game features an upgradable character by the way, you can upgrade the character’s weapons and other attributes so it becomes more powerful and effective, giving you a longer run and more fun, you can even challenge your facebook friends and show whose the king of the road.


Road to be King features and endless running adventure, the character has upgradable attributes, there are a lot of collectibles and a lot of powerups too, it also features randomly generated environments and it has simple and easy to use one touch controls to make it more fun to play.


Road to be King is quite fun really and a bit challenging too, I totally enjoyed using the one touch controls used in the game, especially when all the stats have been maxed, it was quite fun and easy, check it out if you haven’t played it yet, you’ll love this one for sure.


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