Retro Defenders : Towers’ War Part 1 (by PLAYTOUCH)

Download Retro Defenders : Towers’ War Part 1 (by PLAYTOUCH) for Android…

Do you enjoy retro games and RPGs (Dungeons and Dragons)? This game is for you! Enter this fantasy journey to defend the “princess towers against hordes of enemies, dragons, skeletons, orcs, treants, giant spiders and many other scary creatures ….

Horde of dangerous creatures started to invade the land and kill their people. The last hope of the kingdom is the princess “Army: Defenders !!!

Lead a team of 8 mighty warriors who will fight for you Land, forests, villages, dungeons, castles, cemeteries, deserts … you can end this war … But this will be an epic battle.

You need to protect the “princess towers. Whatever happens!

Lead your troops to the final victory. Warriors are available:
– One peasant
– 1 dwarf
– 1 Wizard
– 1 soldier
– 1 sorcerer
– 1 lizard
– 2 elves
Each character has other characteristics and must be played wisely to defeat the enemy. Make sure the enemies do not go through their defense, or your kingdom will be lost forever!

• Epic war in the medieval world
• Build your defense and create Impregnable Fortresses
• Upgrade 8 warriors
• 17 ‘
• Long hours of gameplay with over 40 levels
• 80 Bonus and Booster to unlock
• Measure the score of your friends
• Can you reach the top of the leaderboard?