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Stop the enemies using your powerful fortress and bring back peace. The time has come to put an end to this war, in this strategy and action-packed mobile game called REDCON. The goal here is to destroy the enemy’s base at the other side of the screen. Select the targets and watch your cannons fire at them. Be sure to use the correct types of shells for each battle. Don’t be confident because your enemies will surely retaliate and shoot back at you. Upgrade your cannons to gain more firepower and your fortress with more rooms so you can survive the war.

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Redcon is an action packed strategy game where you get to command a battle fortress against your enemies, the game is set in alternate future where World War 1 never ended and bombardment and war still rages on and has now become a part of everyday life, you will play the game as the Strike Commander, you were given orders by the Empire State’s Fuhrer to crush the traitor General Kranz and his cohorts, and if you’re powerful enough and lucky enough, you just might be the one to end the war once and for all, it is a noble and epic task but it’s not going to be easy, the game features a vast arsenal of powerful weaponry for you to use, there are missiles, lasers, rockets, cannons, mortars, howitzers and even the dreaded nukes, indeed, it’s going to be the war that will end all wars and everything will be right at your fingertips…all yours to command, besides the powerful weapons that you will wield, there are also a variety of fortress designs available for you, shields and many more defensive gadgets and mechanisms, but be careful though, the enemies in the game are just as powerful and just as strong, if you’re not strategic, General Kranz’s forces will crush you and your battle fortress in no time, so lock and load, play the game with all guns blazing here in Redcon.

Graphics and Sound

The game has very nice graphics indeed, the models are fine and really look cool, the details are also very high making the characters and the weapons look even cooler, designs are quite varied too, starting from the weaponry to the fortress designs and all, the environments are great, all the levels in the game are rather dark which provides a nice contrast for the flashy graphics, the colors are also cool, they are vivid and sharp and makes the game pretty and very nice, the animations and movement in the game are also very nice, they look smooth and fluid overall, even when the battle is heating up and a lot of moving parts are being executed at the same time, the game music also sounded cool, quite soft but intense while the sound effects are really awesome, explosive and quite realistic, you’ll love the constant firing of weapons here, special effects too are quite gorgeous, weapon fire and explosions flashy and bright, it looks quite magnificent really, overall, the game is really stunning with all its cool designs and flashy effects.


Your goal is simple in this game, it is to pulverize the enemy fortress with the arsenal of weaponry supplied to you in the game, you can also earn money by battling the enemies here and then later use that money to buy cooler and more powerful weapons, shields and other upgrades to give you the advantage in the battle fields, you’ll start out with a simple fortress with very few slots but will eventually gain access to the cooler ones as you collect experience in combat, it is going to be tough but it’s going to be fun.


Redcon features stunning graphics and special visuals, there are a lot of weaponry that you can use, lots of upgrade to make your fortress more effective offensively and defensively, and it has simple and easy to learn controls to make it fun.


This is great, the battles are quite intense, especially if you have already upgraded your fortress ,and the visuals really look gorgeous, check it out if you haven’t played this one yet, this is fun.


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