RAFT survival in the ocean simulator Android / iOS

RAFT survival in the ocean simulator Android / iOS Free

RAFT Survival in the ocean simulator Gameplay mobile app game by Survival Games Studio on iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android Gameplay Trailer. HD video walkthrough of RAFT survival in the ocean Game App.

-You have to stay alive! Open your eyes! Please open!
– What happened? Am I dreaming? Why am I so exhausted and stinging all over in the storming ocean?

Do you understand what happened? Your raft survival game begins.If you are bold and brave enough, then start the survivor adventure all alone. Try to survive like it’s the last day of your life!

Our raft survival escape quest features:
⛵ Challenging – full of dangers, fear and terror surviving game play;
⚓ Close to real life conditions in survival escape simulator;
⛵ Gorgeous graphics adds more realism to the new raft game;
⚓ Specially developed craft system allows to build a unique raft and master your survival skills;
⛵ Fishing and hunting experience to keep your energy in raft for survival;
⚓ Chance to explore wilderness and visit stranded islands.

More about the game:


Raft survival games let you get an unforgettable experience! To survive on a raft you’d build and craft, fish and cook – i.e. to be a handyman. But the question is: where can you get resources in the raft island survival? Hook will help! Do you remember that this is one of ocean games and there are wreckage, chests and barrels drifting around. You can hook them and craft anything you need in survival and building games. But do mind your health indicators in raft games free: hunger and thirst are not less dangerous than sharks and other sea creatures.


Raft is a real battleground, where there are constant wars going on. Wars with yourself, against sharks and thirst are haunted you while playing survivor games. No one can predict the winner in raft free. You can rely only on your survival skills and imagination in raft creative surviving games.
Survivor games free help you to discover the skills you might not expect. Struggle for your life with all your might. To create more comfortable place to live in you can expand your raft and even build the first floor in the raft craft survivor app.


Do you think there is only ocean around in raft games online? Nope. This kind of ocean games free open the whole world before you. Survival raft simulator let you explore every stranded and lost island you discover on your survivor way. So keep your eyes open in one of the exploring games. An addicting survive game let you explore every new island and get more resources by completing quest.

Have you ever dreamed of exciting adventure that you remember forever? Than this raft survival and building game is the right choice for you! We marked only some features of survivel game. If you like to immerse into the deep and absorbing game world, don’t wait!

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