PussyWalk II (by PussyWalkers)

Download PussyWalk II (by PussyWalkers) for Android


Introducing PussyWalk II – a sequel of the physically most accurate simulator of being a president of one small Central European (and very possibly non-existing) country.

In this game, the player leads Mr. Z. (who is obviously a fictional character) on his adventure towards the electoral urn to seemingly vote – but the result is surprisingly different. The main goal is to keep the main character, Mr. Z., on foot while walking step by step onwards alternately controlling left and right feet. However, walking with a virosis is much trickier than you could expect.

Mr. Z. has proven to be the most controversial fictional cartoon figure – from appearing “unfit” at public occasions, to lowering the level of political culture, to his highly questionable pro-eastern bonds. We wanted people to once again – especially with the presidential elections coming up – become politically active. At least in the online world, where it takes barely any effort, but can make all the greater impact.

The game has a unique soundtrack by the authors of popular remixes of infamous political speeches or very subtle visual in-game hints to presidential scandals.