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Punch Quest Game (Android & iOS) Free

You can become a superhero just using your brute strength to defeat monsters. See if you can survive each challenge in this retro-style fighting mobile game called Punch Quest. The main focus here is to keep your character alive for as long as possible. And you can do this by punching all the monsters and obstacles that you will encounter along the way. Pick up power-ups too that can give you mounts and other abilities. The game also features supermoves once the gauge is full. Always check the shop after each mission to check costumes or other upgrades for your superhero.

Android – https://goo.gl/XyQ8Vj
iOS – https://goo.gl/ouBKHH


Punch Quest is a fun and exciting platform based side scrolling game with elements of an endless runner, you need to take control of a character and literally punch your way through different dungeons littered unholy creatures, beasts and other monstrosities, it will be challenging and it will be fun, you’ll need to run endlessly across the levels, fighting a variety of enemies at the same time, you can punch, jab, uppercut and even slam the enemies as you fight your way through the the different locations, there are 2 cool characters to choose from when you play the game, there is Punchzerker and Smashkyrie, there are levels you need to traverse, and fight enemies that will give you punchos, the game’s in game currency which you can later use to buy some upgrades and cool powerups to help your character battle the hordes of enemies scattered all throughout the levels, there are also some quests you need to complete, finish them all to earn a lot of punchos…a lot more than what you will earn in your regular runs…so do you have the skills and the power to literally punch your way through the levels?, play the game and find out for yourself here in Punch Quest.

Graphics and Sound

Punch Quest haa very simple graphics and presented in a side scrolling manner, details are very nice though and certainly makes the characters presented in the game looking pretty, environments are cool too, and although the game is set inside a castle, you’ll still see a lot of different designs, making the levels quite varied and really unique from each other, the levels in the game are also full of destructible objects like vases walls and many more, the colors are really great, the game looks quite vivid and sharp all throughout and it really looks soft and kinda eye friendly…whatever that means, anyway, the movements of the different characters in the game are also great, they are smooth and generally fluid, even the other moving parts of the game seem to be very smooth, the game’s soundtrack and sound effects are also quite cool, the game has a very nice music and the sound effects seem to be varied enough as you’ll hear a lot of battle sounds when you start your runs, special visuals are also great, quite simple really but still quite nice to look at, overall, the game’s cool designs and cool presentations made it looking pretty throughout.


Punch Quest although a fighting game is still classified as an endless runner, and as such, you need to cover the farthest distance possible before your character dies, you’ll encounter a lot of enemies in the levels, you need to defeat them as you make your runs at the same time, you can do jabs, slams, and even dash punch, not to mention those special items that you will help you out against the enemies, the controls in the game are very simple, the character auto runs so you’ll only be in control of the attacks, tapping and holding the left side of your device to execute uppercuts and the right side executes a dash punch.


Punch Quest features very simple but beautiful graphics, there are a lot of enemies for you to eliminate, a lot of powerups and special items to use and the game uses very simple controls to make it more fun for everyone.


Punch Quest is a very nice endless runner and really fun to play, and if you are into endless running games, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this one, try it, this is fun.


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Free Punch Quest Game (Android & iOS)

Punch Quest Game (Android & iOS) Android

Punch Quest Game (Android & iOS) iOS