Project Boost : rocket Prototype!

Are you ready to dive into a fascinating adventure full of unique CHALLENGES and raging ENEMIES?

Control your rocket to escape earth and reach the space to safety!
DODGE obstacles and NEUTRALIZE threats to complete each level and fly higher and higher!

Completely IMMERSE in this world by chatting with the main character: your rocket. Understand why he wants to leave and try to find out his secret. You will be gripped by his fascinating story!

You will start from the LABORATORY where the rocket is tested, escape through the CITY, rise over the MOUNTAINS and across the ATMOSPHERE to finally float into SPACE, where no one can catch you!


– Super detailed 3D graphics and visual effects;

– Intuitive controls to sharpen your skills;

– 8 different hand-crafted levels;

– Rhythmic tracks to follow the beat while flying;

-Captivating tale, what’s the ending? ;

– Physics based, beware of falling obstacles;

– Destroy almost everything inside the game with explosive Projectiles;

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