Pets Race – Fun Multiplayer Racing with Friends Android

Pets Race – Fun Multiplayer Racing with Friends Android

Pets Race by Kooapps LLC . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Cute animals and multiplayer racing games collide in Pets Race, the adorable multiplayer racing game where you race as cute animals! Battle online for first place and collect special loot in this fun online PVP racing game!

Pick up special racing items and boosts to slow down the competition, leaving finish place just for you! Collect coins to customize cute animals and their homes or treat your pets with yummy foods!

Think you’re the best at racing? Play with friends to see who’s the fastest and let them know in your custom player lobby chat!

Start racing against your friends and aim for the finish line in Pets Race!

= Pets Race Features =

PVP Racing – Multiplayer Racing Games with Friends
• Multiplayer racing has never been so cute!
• PVP racing – Play as a cat or dog and have fun racing with friends!
• Race against friends and outrun the close competition in real-time multiplayer races
• Play with friends and collect coins to buy the animals treats and new pet beds

Multiplayer Racing in Different Environments
• Race across fun courses like Barksburg, Puppy Pier or Mt. Meowmeow
• Unlock new multiplayer racing courses as you race against friends
• Race as cute animals against your equally adorable enemies in the battle for first place

Racing Items to Slow Down the Competition
• Pets can gather special items to slow down the competition!
• Collect racing items like squirt bottles or glue by running towards presents
• Target racing items at opponents and take the lead!

Get Special Loot from Winning the Race
• Cute animals can win special loot like extra coins or treats!
• Multiplayer racing is fun but competitive. Purchase in-game items and boosters with real money to help you win races!

Play with Friends & Chat Online
• Multiplayer races can be taken on the go! Keep racing whenever you want!
• PVP racing lets you chat with other players in your very own player lobby
• Play with friends and invite other players to join the race

Battle online in multiplayer racing games and gather special items to take advantage of the competition! Multiplayer racing has never been so cute, or combative! :3

Download to battle online in multiplayer races and aim for first place in Pets Race!

Ready? Set? Pets Race!

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