Panzer of Alice by KAYBO Android

Panzer of Alice by KAYBO Android

Panzer of Alice by KAYBO by . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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A new character-building puzzle RPG has emerged where you control the world with a single finger!

Enjoy a character-building puzzle RPG set in a unique world with beautiful girls and mechanics!

Enjoy dazzling puzzle battles in [Panzer of Alice],
A game filled with unique mechanics and beautiful warriors!

1) Puzzles with simple rules!
Connect three or more cores (puzzle pieces) of the same color.
And attack the enemy that has same connected color of your characters!
Anyone can enjoy combo battles with these simple drag controls.

2) Form teams and go on adventures with hundreds of beautiful warrior girls!
Over 300 mechanics and beautiful warriors drawn with gorgeous and flowing graphics!
Level up and evolve to find even stronger and more dazzling characters waiting for you.

3) Variety of contents to enjoy with other users!
Invite friends to your team to enjoy battles together.

[Game play]

The game basically uses simple puzzle-based gameplay!
Attack enemies by connecting three or more cores of the same color!

You can also connect cores of different colors if you connect three or more cores of the same color.
Connect at least three cores of different colors to perform a combo attack!
Enjoy the satisfaction of max combo attacks.

Connecting more than four cores creates a bomb core, and you can recover HP with recover cores!
Special cores are created if you get a 10-core combo in one turn,
and you can deliver a power attack to enemies by lightly touching special cores to detonate them.

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