Pango Christmas – Storybook (Studio Pango) – Interactive Game for Children

Pango Christmas – Storybook (Studio Pango) – Interactive Game for Children available now for Android / iOS / Windows and other Mobile Device, Tablet, Phone

Pango Christmas – Storybook (Studio Pango) – Interactive Game for Children – Best App For Kids

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PANGO CHRISTMAS, a really cute, interactive game for children aged 3 and up !

Pango, the cheerful little blue raccoon will invite everyone to drink a good cup of hot chocolate by the fire. Blankets, cookies, snowmen and Christmas wreaths, garlands and trees, everything is here to experience memorable celebrations. Join Pango and his friends under the tree and quickly open your presents!

As simple, funny and endearing as always, PANGO CHRISTMAS is aimed at children aged 3 and up. The game contains 5 adventures full of surprises and gags as well as a “Bonus Memory” game.

PANGO CHRISTMAS is available in 8 languages just like the other Studio Pango games. It doesn’t include any invasive publicity, integrated purchases or any link to insecure internet websites

– The tender and colorful world of Pango
– A simple and functional application
– For ages 3 and above
– 5 brand new stories+ BONUS game
– Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
– No in-app purchases

– 148 Apps: « Pango Christmas is a lovely interactive app that includes readers in the storytelling in ways children and their adults will find most engaging. For this reason, it is easy for me to recommend Pango Christmas. »

– TTPM: « Each of the five stories contains many different touchpoints for animation and interactive play. »

– Spanglish Baby: « Each interactive page has some fun surprises and funny new characters. It’s highly entertaining for preschoolers »