One Finger Death Punch 3D Part 2 (by mobirix)

Download One Finger Death Punch 3D Part 2 (by mobirix) for Android…

One finger death punch an authentic sequel, again Innovated in 3D style!
Want to experience the many martial arts that exist in the world?
Let’s beat many villains manipulating martial arts!
Finger, you can become the best martial arts in the world!

■■■■■ Introduction to the game ■■■■■

▶ characteristic [fighting] ◀
ERN and characters grow with different personality!
Ot fghter, etreme arstrikes, capoeira, savat, combat sambo and much more!

▶ simple operation and operation [wagon] ◀
Action combo full of emotions!
Combine your own combo with flow, special actions and skills!

▶ [Arena] compete for the best ◀
Achieve higher rank than any of your own strengths!
Earn high marks, earn honor and reward!

▶ [daily challenge] to get more rewards as far as possible ◀
Beat more and more powerful enemies into the round and win more prizes!
Get the necessary ingredients for growth in dungeons that are activated on a daily basis