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One Epic Knight – Game (Android & iOS) Free

This knight will prove his skills in battle. But it looks like running is involved in his quest, in this mobile game called One Epic Knight. The kingdom has assigned you to enter the dungeon and defeat any vicious villain inside. You will take control of your knight inside and you must avoid the pits and traps along the way. Be sure to pick up shields so you can destroy traps and avoid getting hurt. There are also swords that will help you slash the monsters. The game also features a store where you can buy costumes and other items for your epic knight.

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One Epic Knight is a fun filled and exciting endless running adventure where you will be taking control of a knight, a cute and quite funny looking knight with big and round googly eyes, you need to run and jump through the castle dungeons in search for loot, the deeper you go, the more loot you will get, it won’t be easy though as the corridors are full of traps and obstacles…not to mention those mean and nasty enemies you will encounter along the way, the game employs the lane system by the way, you only need to swipe to the left or right to change lanes, besides dodging or evading the obstacles, you can also smash through barricades and other obstacles, provided you have the shield powerup of course, and if an enemy is standing in front of you, use the sword to slash them to pieces, indeed, the knight is well equipped, and always ready to run through the dungeons and collect those loot lying about, so are you up to the challenge?, just how deep into the dungeons can you go?, play the game and find out for yourself here in One Epic Knight.

Graphics and Sound

One Epic Knight has beautiful graphics, character designs are cute and cuddly, I particularly like the character design in the game, the epic Knight looks really cute with its big rounded and somewhat droopy eyes, environments are nice too, the pathways you will be running into has very nice structural designs and certainly looks like one of those medieval castles or dungeons, colors are great too, they are vivid and sharp, although it may look quite dark, you can still see nice details on the designs, animations are quite smooth too, the character movement is really nice, music and sounds are also cool, the in game music is quite nice to listen to and sounds effects are not too bombastic, it certainly won’t distract you when you play the game, special effects on the other hand are quite flashy made even prettier by the rather dark dungeons, overall, the game looks really great in both designs and presentations.


One Epic Knight is an endless runner, and as such, all the endless running elements are present in the game, and just like any endless runner out there, you need to run, jump or slide across the levels, dodging obstacle and evading those ingeniously placed traps along the way, there are also quite a lot of collectible here, like those powerups that help you out during your run and those coins that doesn’t seem to run out in number, unlike most endless runners, this one has combat elements on it, yes, there are baddies in the game and all you need to do is slash them with your sword to eliminate them for good, the game uses swipe controls by the way, you only need to swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide and swipe left or right to go to that direction.


One Epic Knight features beautiful and cute graphic designs, it features an endless running adventure where you get to control the Epic Knight, you also get to slash the enemies you encounter besides dodging obstacles and traps, and the game has an easy to learn swipe controls to make it more fun to play.


One Epic Knight is quite fun and easy, it plays just like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, and if you have played these two games, you’ll have a great time here for sure, check it out if you haven’t played it yet…this is really fun.


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