Ole Torero! Android

Ole Torero! Android

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Olé, Torero! It would be another of those free retro arcade games for your mobile, but in this case we wanted to take the concept “retro” to all levels and “make Spain great again”. Can you imagine a subject more retro, vintage and classic than spanish bullfighting?

Believe us,this game is “matador”!

Warning: any resemblance to reality is simply unlikely. All the elements represented here: popular traditions, typical foods, regional costumes, urban tribes, rural villages … are the fruit of the imagination of a chick of colors of the 80 and has nothing to do with the spaniard culture

And remember: Olé Torero are just pixels! Do not shout in the sky and laugh. Courage … and go against The Torero!

We are working on the full game and what you are about to try is a demo, so … we have a lot of bugs prepared for you! Please leave a brutally honest opinion!

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