Ninja Stickman: Revenge Android

Ninja Stickman: Revenge Android

Ninja Stickman: Revenge by PlayWay SA . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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In the dark age, the evil forces take control of all human’s activities. In a remote village, the
peaceful days of the people begin to turn upside down as the evil forces attack and destroy the
village. There is a ninja couple living in that village. Ninja couple came here to find peace place
after battles. But that peace place was not last longer when the evil forces came and took the
wife. Because of the hatred, the ninja husband determined to destroy the evil forces to take the
freedom for everyone.
Ninja Stickman: Revenge is one of action games with a contrasting graphic style, make
players well -focused. Ninja Stickman: Revenge attracts players with unexpected, adventurous
action. Fly, jump and fight skills in Ninja Stickman: Revenge make true feeling for players. In
Ninja Stickman: Revenge,character control skill is the important factor to overcome obstacles
and destroy enemies.

How to play:
– Touch and slide the screen to control the character to jump up and to avoid the traps
– Slide the screen to jump higher or jump twice when character is in the air.
– Kill enemies or get money to get higher score.
We hope Ninja Stickman: Revenge game will give you a new experience with fighting game

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