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Ninjas are really swift in order to finish their master’s orders. Try becoming a ninja in this pixel-art themed mobile game called NinjAwesome. The mechanics here is to finish all the missions requested on the screen. Once you have completed the mission, you will be rewarded with some gold. But these missions will be difficult if you don’t move fast. Be sure to use your shuriken to eliminate enemies along the way. and use your jumping skills to avoid the traps. The gold you have collected will help you purchase upgrades for your awesome ninja and finish all the secret missions.

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Ninja Awesome is a fun and challenging Ninja themed action packed game where you get to control a skilled and powerful ninja to fight the evil robots. The story goes that the entire world has been conquered by robots, the humans have been enslaved by the robots army to do their bidding, it is now up to you to stop theses atrocities, defeat the robot army and free the humans from slavery, it will be hard as the robot army are very powerful and well equipped, also their numbers are seemingly endless, the more you kill, the more they come, the battles are seemingly unending. There are a variety of enemy types you will be facing off, besides the normal enemies, there are also some huge bad ass bosses you need to defeat, but come hell or high water, you’re going to do everything you can as the world is counting on you…if you can’t defeat the evil robot army…no one else will. I won’t be a walk in the park alright, fortunately, the ninja is quite skilled in combat and well armed, there are swords and kunais that you can use against the evil robot army. Are your ninja skills good enough to defeat the robot army and free the humans from slavery?, There’s only one way to find out, play the game and see how far you can survive here in Ninja Awesome.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look quite nice, the character designs seem to be varied enough and details seem to be nice starting from the ninja all the way to the robotic enemies, their designs seem to be quite proportionate too, not the cartoony types that have big heads and small bodies. The environment designs are cool too, you’ll be seeing a lot of oriental inspired structure designs, vegetation, landscape and more. The color schemes are also cool, everything looks quite sharp and lush, even the blending of the colors are great giving this one a clean look and quite nice to look at. The character movement is nice, the character is fairly responsive to the controls, it may take some getting used too though but after a while it becomes really fun, the animations on the other hand is quite stiff but the game is still in demo version, maybe it will become better when the final version is released, let’s wait and see. Music sounds nice and so is the sound effects. The SFX is nice too, nothing spectacular really but it still looked kinda cool. Overall, it looked pretty nice, not comparable to the high end games out there but still pretty enough to try and play.


The game is action packed hack and slash game where you need to battle a variety of robotic enemies, you will be using a character that is quite skilled in ninja warfare, the enemies will attack you from all directions and you’ll need to fight back and forth to defeat them all. There are also bosses that you need to battle, they are more powerful than the usual enemies, fight hard and defeat them as failure is not an option. The control scheme is quite simple and easy to follow, there are directional arrows to the left side to control the character movement, and to the right is the slash, shoot and jump button.


Ninja Awesome features some simple but cool visuals, you get to fight an entire robotic army that took over the world and enslaved the humans. It also uses easy controls for more fun.


The game is quite nice, it’s just that the controls need to be fine tuned, but overall, the game is quite okay. Check it out guys.