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New Tap Order 2 is a steampunk inspired, casual one tap jumper. Just click the screen to steer a triangle clock. Go up and avoid spikes. Collect coins, crystals, flasks and others to enable special effects. Make powerful combinations and destroy all obstacles! Unlock achievements and climb leaderboards. Jump through gates to enable even more effects like:
* slow motion
* higher jumps
* extra bounce
* and many more
Search for secret achievements hidden everywhere. Share it with friends and prove that you are better. Are you?

This game is indie all the way! Custom graphics, music, gameplay. Everything build from scratch and made specially for you to enjoy. Have fun! 🙂

* Innovative mechanics
* Interactive design
* Stunning visual effects
* Hypnotizing soundtrack
* Leaderboards
* Achievements
* Easter eggs inside

New Tap Order 2 is only inspired by steampunk. This do not mean that everything is 100% exactly like in that utopian 19th-century industrial steam-powered era.

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