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Enter the matrix style neon world, dodge geometry enemies and dash to collect power-ups! Push your game skills to the limit as you dash and charge your NEOs though impossible waves of enemies. An addictive and fun arcade game experience with beautiful neon graphics and a thumping retro beat.
Master the touch controls of your NEOs and improve your skill as you battle glowing geometry based enemies, advancing through multiple zones and winning against wave after wave of impossible enemies.

Challenge the near impossible and become a NEO Master!

Neo Duo features:

* Fast-paced, retro arcade game inspired addictive gameplay!
* Frustrating but rewarding!
* Stunning matrix style sci-fi neon graphics to enjoy whilst playing!
* Four unique zones to play and unlock!
* Simple touch control system that’s easy to learn but impossible to master!
* Tap to move the green neon ball, then the ball colours switch! Tap again to move your other neon ball.
* Dash and dodge between enemies on the matrix grid to collect charge orbs, get 5 and you unleash the full power of your NEOs!
* Flip your selected NEO each time you move, increase your skill to become an expert NEO controller!
* Collect orb fragments from destroyed enemies to upgrade your NEOs and unlock new zones!
* Fun power-ups that can be collected and upgraded:
– Shield: Turn the tables on the enemy geometry, making your NEOs invincible for a short time. Smash through your attackers with devastating force!
– Freeze: Stop enemies in their tracks, freezing them in place until they thaw while you dash to collect charge orbs and dodge frozen enemies!
– Mega Orb Fragment: Boost your progression by collecting this special orb fragment
* Avoid the red power-ups, they make it easier for your enemies to win!
* Dodge the invert controls power-up, or you will flip your controls!
* Beautiful geometry gravity matrix grid system that reacts as you dash around a zone!
* Become a Neo Master by ranking up with the unique in game goals system!
* Challenge your friends using the online high score leaderboards!
* Lots of achievements and rewards!
* Move your NEO ball around a stunning retro style world, use your skill to switch the active ball at the right time!
* Record live game videos, even using your phone’s camera, then share them with your friends and the world!
* Use the intuitive zone select system to flip your selected zone!
* Conquer the near impossible, dodge waves of geometry enemies. Become a Neo Master!

Install now! Neo Duo is fun, challenging, beautiful and best of all free!

Download Neo Duo: Neon Geometry Dodge

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