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Mutt Runners (Crackerjack Games) Free

Race friends and players across the globe in REAL TIME! Swipe to navigate race tracks and tap to use abilities in an epic race to the finish. UNLOCK, EVOLVE and BREED your favorite breeds as you journey through the world map in your QUEST to become the Champion!


• Live multiplayer: Race friends and players across the globe in real time

• Epic racing action: Change lanes to avoid crabs, frogs, penguins and more. Collect mystery boxes, grab power-ups and knock down your opponents

• Watch your Mutts evolve as they grow in power

• Explore the world map in a racing campaign with different terrains, race tracks, trainers and bosses

• Breed your Mutts to discover exotic cross breeds

• Collect materials, craft collars and equip them on your Mutts

• Run your base of operations from your own Mutt Ranch

• Collect hundreds of Mutts, with all of your favorite breeds

We love hearing from our players, so please send us feedback in game or leave a review 🙂 If your favorite breed is missing send us feedback and we’ll make it!

“This is a great game… this is definitely my most played game on my phone!!” – Haveago

“Mutt runners is the best dog game that i have ever played on iphone it is awesome.” – Sgamba36

“Eleven thumbs up. Great game, totally addictive… 5/5 stars” – zookums

“I play this game every day i hope to get a five star dog on every breed plz make more levels. I love mutt runners i hope you make more levels” – Mydograven

“Keep up the good work! Ooooo!! Got my first 100% stat dog yesterday! Just need 100% speed n enduro and ima breed the perfect dog :)” – Katalystnine

Mutt Runner, are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to the ranch and tapping on the feedback button. And remember, keep running!

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