Mu Origin Zypher MMORPG Android

Mu Origin Zypher MMORPG Android

Mu Origin Zypher MMORPG The Battlefield of Emperor – Alliance Is the sect, on which side are you? Team up with warriors and destroy your rival’s mine base!
Tarot Card System – Turn a Tarot Card and discover the mysterious power of the card!
Costume Wardrobe – Do you own more than one costume? Is your inventory full of costumes?
Hang all over Wardrobe. Each costume can make you stronger!
Companion Arena – Show us your power: Companionship! Fight shoulder to shoulder and be the winner!
Companion Blessing – Enjoy the benefits and be happier! You can send your inner support to the companions!
Guild Diplomacy – Combine your power with the following: other Guilds! Successful diplomacy will make your journey more fun and exciting.
Max. Level Increase – Exceed Limits! Max. level 15 Rebirth (15×100 Level).
Endless Tower – Your potential has no limit. The Endless Tower awaits you with many more places to conquer!

Genre(s) : MMORPG
Require internet connection : YES
Size : (Apk+Data Download) 535 mb
Date Released : 2018-01-11

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