Monster Killing City Shooting 2 – 3D Shooter Game (by HGamesArt)

Download Monster Killing City Shooting 2 – 3D Shooter Game (by HGamesArt) for Android…

Monster Killing City Shooting 2 is a new, intense FPS action game from the perspective of the first person in which you shoot minions. This is the second game from our production in which you do such things. Destroy your enemies with the help of MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416, grenades and many other rifles and rifles. Realistic external HD graphics are comparable with the graphics of military AAA games from high-end PCs. The game contains a dangerous singleplayer. You can choose from an arsenal of weapons – army knife, chainsaw, RPG game, sniper rifle, m4 rifle, grenade, uzi. You can configure the graphics to match your device so that you can play more smoothly and the motion will be smoother. This game was made on the engine of unity. Each class contains the main weapon, but you can also buy / upgrade other weapons, ammunition, armor and shells to the original gun. A single player campaign consists of a simple task, which is to eliminate all dinosaurs from the city. After each completed gore game you gain experience (PD) and cash prizes.

Become the best ruthless killer on the Internet that will lead headshot rankings in this unforgettable game of unique character. Immerse yourself in a new game with hours of extraordinary gameplay. Monsters must be eliminated. Keep your finger on the trigger. Kill them before they kill you! Grab a shotgun in the arsenal and shoot yourself in this monstrous war with bloody main levels to save the world from a monstrous apocalypse.

Each match is not limited in time. After your death you will return to the battlefield of the first front line, so you will not be dead forever. You can take revenge and survive a monster with a murderous fire with critical injuries. Each game acquires skills that will help you achieve the desired victory.

– 59 levels of the saga of the apocalyptic border, still ahead of us
– Awesome doom Sound & Music
– Weapon upgrading system, Arsenal defends like the best games
– Possibility of demolishing buildings
– Stunning 3D graphics in a mountain park, innovative level design
– Hours of fun with this amazing Jurassic simulator
– 59 minoin monsters to download (skull of death, dragon, zombie virus, walking dead, funeral undertaker, kraken, hell inferno, giant bat, gargoyle, etc.)