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Find your rhythm…chase your destiny

Tap your way through this rhythmic, action-adventure game featuring music from the new Disney film, Moana! Play as both Moana and Maui as you journey to restore the Heart of Te Fiti. Voyage to distant islands, take on Kakamora pirate ships, and battle in the Realm of Monsters. Experience the unforgettable music directly from the Moana film as you sail, jump, run, and fight your way to save the day and discover your destiny.

ADVENTURE to the beat of unforgettable songs directly from the film
BRAVE over 70 levels on land, sea, and beyond
SAVE THE DAY as you battle Tamatoa, strange creatures, and an army of Kakamora
JOURNEY with familiar faces like Heihei, Pua, and more
EARN HIGH SCORES with power-ups that slow down or speed up the game

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