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A tiny and helpless robot just lost his way back home. He will need some assistance from you in this puzzle and physics game known as Mekorama. What you must do here is to control your robot character by swiping on the screen. The task is to guide him onto the exit. You can rotate the whole diorama and check the objects around. You can interact with the blocks and other objects to create a path. There are also buildings where you can get inside and reach certain areas in the diorama. See if you can finish each diorama to access new levels.

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Mekorama features a fun puzzle adventure game where you need to help and guide a cute little robot find its way home, there are a total of 50 fun filled and challenging levels you need to traverse called mechanical dioramas, these levels or dioramas can be turned 360 degrees to get a better view of the path that you need to walk through, once you have guided the robot to the exit, the level ends and you get to start the next one, but the game is not really that easy to beat as the path that you need to traverse aren’t always open paths, there are instances that you need to go around and take the longer route in order to progress, it’ll be a lot of fun and it will be challenging, the game also features it’s own diorama maker where you can make dioramas of your own design, the more complex model you’ll make, the more fun it’s gonna’ get, so come on and challenge yourself, find out if you have the skills to help the cute little robot find its way home, and if you’re skilled enough, you just might make it through all 50 levels of the game here in Mekorama.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics designs are quite simple really but the game has awesome presentations, the character model used in the game is quite simple too, the tiny robot looks basic with its simple details and features, it looks really cute though and quite attractive at that, the levels or dioramas are also quite awesome, the designs range from simple to complex, the earlier levels will feature simple designs for you to play around then it gets complex later on as you progress through the higher levels, the colors are great too, the game looks crisp and clean as can be seen in the models, the game even has a shiny look which makes it more beautiful and really nice to look at, while the movements and animations on the other hand are also smooth, quite simple really but still nice as they look really smooth when you move things around, music is cool too, it is quite subtle really and so is the sound effect, nothing in the game is too loud so as to destroy your concentration when you play the game, the special effects are very simple by the way, not that it needs flashy visuals actually, the game is beautiful as it is, overall, everything looks nice and pretty even with the simple designs the game has to offer.


The main task in the game is to guide the little robot to the exit, there will be obstacles, hindrances and many more obstructions to block your path, you need to find another way to get to the exit, it will start out quite simple and easy, but later on the diorama designs will become more complex and more difficult to traverse and it will e up to you to determine your best course of action, controls are simple and easy, all it takes are swipes and taps to move things around.


Mekorama features some very simple designs but with awesome presentations, there are a total of 50 fun filled and puzzle based levels for you to complete, you can even make your own diorama if you want, and it has very simple controls to play it through.


Fun game overall, this would be great for all players of all ages, I thought the game was easy and simple…true but only at the start, try it, this is fun.


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Free Mekorama Game (Android & iOS)

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