MapleStory Blitz iOS / Android

MapleStory Blitz iOS / Android Free

MapleStory Blitz Gameplay mobile app game by NEXON Company on iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android Gameplay Trailer. HD video walkthrough of MapleStory Blitz Game App.

MapleStory’s first foray into real-time strategic combat!
Witness a fresh new take on MapleStory’s heroes in MapleStory Blitz!


Enjoy the Fairy King’s blessings while raining arrows upon the battlefield! Mercedes!
What he wants, he steals! Maple’s master of Subterfuge! Phantom!
A charismatic captain set on destroying everything that stands in her way! Kyrin!
The blazing conqueror who engulfs her enemies—and allies—in flames! Oz!
Vengeance incarnate! Every bit of damage only makes him stronger! Demon Slayer!

And don’t forget Maple’s roster of super cute monsters!
Build and battle with a custom deck of freshly reinterpreted characters and skills!

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